Years 9 to 10 Curriculum | Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School

Years 9 to 10 Curriculum

At Year 9, electives are introduced for the first time and students begin to make individual choices. Girls in Year 10 continue to undertake a core curriculum which is complemented by a framework of elective studies with increased scope for individual choice, including the opportunity to commence their VCE studies.

YEAR 9 and 10 core subjects
English Geography Religious Education 
Mathematics History  Health (Year 9 only) 
Science Physical Education Outdoor Education (Year 9 only)
YEAR 9 electives
Communications Getaway Study Skills
Consumer Power History Mysteries Visual Arts - Art
Creative Music Issues in Society and Environment Visual Arts - Fashion as Sculpture
Creative Music and Performance Language - Chinese VCE VET Certificate II (Mandarin)
Digital Divas Language - French Visual Arts – Studio Art
Drama Outdoor Education  
Food and Technology Philosophy  

* At least one strongly recommended

YEAR 10 electives

Commerce and Law Food and Technology Visual Arts – Studio Arts
Communications Language - Chinese Visual Arts - Photography
Creative Music Language - French Weimar and Nazi Germany
Digital Design Outdoor Education VCE VET Certificate III (Mandarin) Part A
Drama and Theatre Studies The Roaring Twenties - the Age of Excess  
Global Powers in the Global Arena Visual Arts – Art  

* A range of electives are offered, including a number of VCE Unit 1&2 subjects (Click here to see the VCE studies offered at Year 10 which are marked with an *)

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