Years 7 to 8 Curriculum | Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School

Years 7 to 8 Curriculum

At Ivanhoe Girls' we seek to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of all our students and provide them with the best possible basis for future tertiary studies and employment. It is important to remember that 'our brains are like muscles - they improve with use'. Consequently girls in Years 7 and 8 undertake a core curriculum which gives them maximum flexibility for their future studies by keeping options open and offering opportunities to experience the study of a wide variety of subjects. This also enables them to enhance all learning areas, including their respective individual strengths and weaknesses.

The middle years of schooling are a time for brain growth and development. It is very important for students to practise and gain skills in all learning areas. With this in mind, all Year 7 and 8 students study: 

  • both French and Chinese
  • thinking skills and information literacy which are integrated into all subject areas 
  • an Individual Differences program that caters for the diverse needs of individual students including enrichment, extension and extra support with their work.
Year 7
English History Performing Arts – Music
Mathematics Geography Visual Arts
Science Religious Education Knowing IT
Language - Chinese Physical Education Outdoor Education
Language - French Performing Arts –
Drama, Dance and Theatre Arts
Year 8
English  History Food and Technology
Mathematics Geography Performing Arts - Music
Science Religious Education Visual Arts
Language - Chinese Physical Education Outdoor Education
Language - French Lights, Camera Action –
Drama & IT combined
Physical Education

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