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VCE Curriculum

In the final years of secondary education girls develop more mature and independent ways of working. Course selection in the VCE years has significant implications for future study options and career paths. The School's subject selection processes are designed to provide support in a systematic and timely manner. It is important to remember, however, that girls do best when they choose subjects they enjoy and in which they are confident. Once students' choices are made, the grouping of studies and the School's timetabling are based on these choices.  

A wide range of VCE subjects is offered.

VCE subjects
Accounting* History: Revolutions (3/4 only) Philosophy*
Art History: The Twentieth Century (1/2 only)* Physical Education (Theory)*
Biology* Legal Studies* Physics
Business Management* Literature* Psychology (3/4 only)
Chemistry Language: Chinese - First Language* Studio Arts
Economics* Language: Chinese - Second Language* Theatre Studies*
English / English ESL Language: Chinese Second Language (Advanced) (3/4 only) VCE VET: Interactive Digital Media Certificate II & III (Multimedia)*
Food and Technology* Language: French* VCE VET: Certificate II in Hospitality (Food and Beverage)
Geography* Mathematics: Further Mathematics VCE VET: Certificate III in Hospitality (Food and Beverage) (selected Units)
Global Politics
(3&4 only)
Mathematics: Mathematical Methods VCE VET: Certificate III (Mandarin) Part B
Health and Human Development* Mathematics: Specialist Methods Visual Communication and Design*
History: Australian History (3/4 only) Music Performance: Solo*  

Subjects shown above with an * are offered at Year 10. 

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