Mission, Values and Goals | Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School

Mission, Values and Goals

Our Mission

Ivanhoe Girls' aims to provide the best learning and teaching which, underpinned by the Christian philosophy, enables every girl to achieve her potential and to be a confident, optimistic and responsible citizen.

Our Values

  • The care and unique worth of every individual in the School
  • The Christian foundations upon which our School is built
  • Enjoyment of learning
  • Breadth of educational opportunities embracing the academic, cultural and physical
  • Excellence in all facets of School life
  • Independent critical thinking and life-long learning
  • Cultural and spiritual diversity
  • Truth, integrity and compassion
  • Facing challenges and learning from experience
  • Non-selective entry
  • Citizenship and service to others
  • Environmental awareness

Our Goals

To provide a learning environment for girls which:

  • provides dynamic and challenging learning opportunities which cater for a full range of girls' individual interests, abilities and learning styles
  • enables each girl to feel safe and confident to pursue her learning
  • enables girls to practise independent, critical thought and develop a life-long love of learning
  • enables each girl to explore and develop her own spirituality through knowledge and appreciation of the Christian philosophy while affirming tolerance and appreciation of other beliefs
  • fosters responsibility through a values-centred education
  • develops leadership, teamwork and research skills in a range of settings
  • fosters healthy attitudes which enable girls to respect one another, develop resilience, enjoy school life and approach the future as responsible, caring citizens
  • equips girls with the flexibility to thrive in a changing world
  • recognises effort, achievement and success
  • is based on our students' needs and informed by current research and practice
  • is achieved through building the most effective team of teachers
  • is supported by providing the best resources and facilities in an attractive environment which the girls care for and respect.

Ivanhoe Girls' actively promotes child safety and has zero tolerance of child abuse (both at School and out of school hours).

Ivanhoe Girls', through its Mission, Values and Goals supports and promotes the principles and practice of Australian Democracy on which our society is based, including our elected governments, the rule of law and that all equal rights for all before the law, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and association (whilst still demonstrating respect for all) and the values of openness and tolerance. 

Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School

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