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Learning and Teaching

At each stage of education at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School, the academic curriculum, pastoral care program, co-curricular program and resources are structured to best meet students’ needs.

We are firmly committed to providing the best possible learning environment. Our students are encouraged to develop a life-long love of learning. We help them to develop confidence, resilience and self-esteem in an environment which encourages respect for the individual, together with tolerance and understanding of others. The best learning environment is one where girls are the sole focus of the learning, which allows them to develop their own voices. Girls flourish in learning settings where they are provided with opportunities to learn using their preferred collaborative learning styles yet where they are also encouraged to develop a broad range of thinking and learning skills and strategies.

The Early Learning Centre focuses on learning through play and providing a safe and secure environment where girls are encouraged to express themselves and develop confidence.

The early years of primary school build solid foundations for later learning with an emphasis on mastery of basic skills of numeracy and literacy as well as developing cultural understanding, problem solving and personal and interpersonal skills.

The middle years of schooling are concurrent with the onset of adolescence. It is very important that students develop an awareness of themselves and appreciation of others. The flexible nature of our timetable allows students to share classes with many different groups of students. The wide range of studies with a number of teachers exposes the students to varied learning and teaching styles. The diversity of experiences helps to equip girls with the flexibility they need to thrive in a changing world.

In the final years of secondary education, girls develop more mature and independent ways of working. These years are challenging and rewarding as girls work towards their independent lives as young adults. Throughout their schooling, girls learn best in a stimulating, collaborative environment where their individuality and interests are valued and encouraged.

Our curriculum has been designed with this in mind and combines a strong academic focus with exciting, versatile learning experiences.

Infused throughout the curriculum are opportunities for students to develop thinking skills, information literacy and technology skills.

The classroom, pastoral care and co-curricular programs work together to enable the girls to develop an awareness of their own spirituality and appreciation of the beliefs and needs of others and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Outdoor education brings excitement, adventure and challenge. From Year 3 to Year 9 all girls take part in a sequential program of camping, bushwalking, cycling, canoeing, abseiling and skiing activities as well as optional programs also extending beyond Year 9, such as white water rafting, rock climbing, horse riding and surfing.

Information technology is seen routinely integrated to enhance learning and to provide our students with the skills they need to be confident and discriminating users of technology. Communication networks are an integral part of the learning environment and provide valuable links between school and home.

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