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Leadership and Social Service

At Ivanhoe Girls’ the entire School ethos is devoted to the cultivation of selfless leadership and service to others. Teamwork and leadership belong not only on the sports fields and in performance opportunities. Our girls choose to participate in a range of social service activities, cooperating with others and acquiring valuable skills of collaboration and leadership in the process. Just some of the areas offered are Amnesty International, Mustard (Christian Group), Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, International Club, Library Committee and Red Shield Appeal collecting. The giving of selfless service results in the return of personal fulfilment and the pride of knowing that an important job was well done. Leadership experience is acquired in countless informal ways but equally through the many formal positions of leadership offered in sporting teams, cultural pursuits, student representative groups and in other activity areas where students are appointed or elected to positions of significant responsibility.

Leadership opportunities also abound in Junior School. From their early years in the School, girls are encouraged to accept leadership positions. They are encouraged to show their ability to be responsible, to get along with others, to be confident, to organise and to lead. Class, Library and Social Service Captain roles are held for one term/semester and are available to girls from Year 2 to Year 6. The Year 6 students have particular opportunities for leadership roles: by student and staff election, School Captains, House Captains; and by application, Music, Sports, Orchestra, Band, Art, Fitness, Social Service, Ambassadors, Environment and Library Captains.

Initiatives From the Cooerwull Centre for Leadership and Service

The Cooerwull Centre for Leadership and Service was established to enhance Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School’s core values of leadership and service and to provide a coherent framework for these.

The goals of the Cooerwull Centre are:

  • to enhance the concepts of leadership, teamwork and service throughout the School community
  • to develop students’ leadership, teamwork and responsibility skills and provide opportunities to practise these skills in meaningful ways
  • to provide authentic opportunities for genuine service to our community throughout the School
  • to uphold the values of leadership and service by providing a framework for formal recognition of student achievements in this area
  • to model that true fulfilment comes from helping others


Ivanhoe Girls’ believes in acknowledging dedicated effort which serves others in the School and the broader community and which represents for each student her personal and social growth through sustained commitment in Senior School. From the House system, through each major activity area such as Debating, Drama, Music and Sport, right up to the highest level of School Colours, we recognise outstanding effort through a coherent and highly valued system of awards. Because the awards are earned by meeting clear and transparent participation and performance criteria, the system strongly supports the personal development of every girl by enabling her to know with a sense of certainty the commitments she needs to undertake to qualify for her next award level. The School’s awards system also underpins an important element of the School’s ethos in showing the value we place on affirming and celebrating accomplishment gained through hard work, determination, team work and perseverance.

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