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Junior School Curriculum


Our English program is designed to develop the ability to speak, listen, read, view and write with enjoyment, purpose and confidence in a wide range of contexts. Girls are taught the skills to speak with confidence in a variety of formal and informal situations from morning news to public speaking and to listen to others and to consider their viewpoints. 

In reading, we endeavour to individualise the teaching, so small focus groups and constant monitoring of progress are the keys. In writing, the girls are given opportunities to draft and publish a variety of forms such as reports, narrative, explanation, poetry and recounts. We offer Prep parents a literacy training program to enhance their understanding of this wonderful and complex evolution of skills.


Students in Prep - Year 6 benefit from the Early Years Numeracy model whereby student progress is closely monitored on an ongoing basis and teaching is planned according to individual needs. Students are encouraged to explain their mathematical thinking and strategies as a way of enhancing their understanding of taught concepts. Skill practice is an important part of the early years of mathematics as foundation concepts are developed. Problem solving experiences are essential as they provide diverse, open-ended real life problems at various levels of difficulty.

Individual Differences

In catering for individual needs beyond the classroom in English and Maths, classroom teachers are supported by the Individual Differences teachers who work with them to help support and enrich girls who are clearly performing at different levels. They work with small groups of girls and individuals to target learning needs and strengths. This includes the Reading Recovery program at Year 1.

Integrated Learning

There is so much to learn and so many ways in which to learn. Using an Inquiry Learning approach, it is possible to make connections between many curriculum areas including Science, Health and Studies of Society, which stimulate interest and maintain motivation. All classes in Junior School plan in this way. Thinking Skills can be taught and learned and they are incorporated into classes and subjects.

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