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Junior School

Ivanhoe Girls’ Junior School provides girls with learning opportunities and skills that they enjoy and need today and which prepares them for tomorrow. Primary education is concerned with the development of the whole child - intellectual, emotional, physical, social, creative and spiritual.

The curriculum is innovative and rich, providing experiences that are carefully planned to meet each girl's learning style and stage of development from Prep to Year 6.

What do we do really well?

Our girls love learning! This love of learning is fostered through broad and challenging core curriculum and co-curriculum opportunities. Individuals are valued and feel free to strive for their personal best.

We care deeply about the social and emotional wellbeing of the girls. The class teacher is the main pastoral care person but all information essential for the wellbeing of every girl is shared with the Junior School staff. Teachers listen to the girls and, either with the whole class, a group or individually, help them to develop strategies and social skills to nurture and support their emotional and social development.

We build solid foundations for later learning. We recognise the importance of the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy skills, we individualise the learning and enhance it with a stimulating integrated curriculum.

We use Information Technology in the classroom, in the laboratory and in the Junior area of the Library. The School has a dual platform policy so the girls experience working on both PC and Mac laptops and desktops.

We instill values. We try to live our mission statement and convey Christian values of courtesy, honesty, consideration, cooperation and acceptance of others.

We cater for individual differences. Our girls are provided with support and enrichment by the Individual Differences staff who, with class teachers, help identify and meet individual learning needs. Girls are encouraged to participate in Tournament of Minds, Future Problem Solving, Talent Searches, Quests and Competitions.

We have fun while we learn. Girls are taught through games, role plays, co-operative team work, like and mixed ability groups. They work in the classrooms, the beautiful grounds, at great camps, excursions and meet many expert visitors. The teachers have fun while they learn too!

The teachers love learning! We have a team of staff who are extremely active in its learning both in professional learning teams and as individual professionals.

We have an excellent specialist program. The specialist programs of music, art, physical education and French, supported by regular lessons and research in the Junior area of the Library, really ensure that our curriculum is rich and broad and caters for all the talents and gifts of the girls and stretches their areas of need.

We nurture happy, confident learners. The weekly assemblies and monthly Church services are wonderful events which provide the girls with that sense of occasion and the opportunity to come together as a Junior School to share and appreciate the talents of all.

We have classrooms that have Federation charm set in delightful gardens. Every classroom has its own special Federation features and the girls are encouraged to play in, on and around the gardens which they learn to love and respect.

An After Care program is available to all students either on a permanent or casual basis. It operates from 3.30pm-6.00pm Monday to Friday on the days that School is open.

Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School

123 Marshall Street
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