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About Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School

Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School is an Anglican day school strongly committed to single sex education for girls. Catering for students from Early Learning Centre (Three Year Old) to Year 12 with a current total enrolment of approximately 1000 students, 700 of whom are in the Senior School, Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School seeks to provide excellence in education within a caring Christian community and to prepare young women for a personally and professionally fulfilling life.

The School’s mission is:

Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School aims to provide the best learning and teaching which, underpinned by the Christian philosophy, enables every girl to achieve her potential and to be a confident, optimistic and responsible citizen.

The School provides an academic curriculum, establishing a sound basis for entry to tertiary studies and thus catering for the aspirations of our school population. Students undertake a wide range of VCE subjects in sciences, mathematics, humanities, languages, business, technologies and the arts and achieve outstanding VCE results. Almost all girls choose to undertake tertiary studies after Year 12.

With an open entry policy the School is consequently committed to catering for the range of students enrolled. The Individual Differences faculty assists all teaching staff, providing individual and small group assistance to students in need of additional support as well as providing programs to cater for gifted and talented students.

The School is a leader in providing technology to support the curriculum. Optical fibre cabling links all of the classrooms to a school-wide intranet as well as providing internet access to classrooms, computer laboratories and both the Senior and Junior School areas of the Library. The School operates both Lenovo and Mac based computer resources with class sets of Lenovo notebook computers, MacBooks, iPads and iTouch devices as well as six fully equipped computer laboratories and similarly well equipped Libraries. In addition, teaching staff have an iPad and a notebook computer for use in their teaching, whilst every classroom has an interactive whiteboard. In 2015 all Years 5-12 students will have their own iPad or BYOD at senior levels.

A diversity of activities is offered outside the academic curriculum. In addition to House and interschool sporting competitions, students may take part in a wide range of outdoor education pursuits. The School has also gained recognition in music, art and studio arts, drama and debating. The School’s exciting music program attracts the participation of large numbers of girls from Prep to VCE joining a wide range of orchestral, band, ensemble and choral activities. Other clubs and groups such as the International Club and Amnesty International provide opportunities for participation and leadership.

The School recognises the wealth and diversity of cultural backgrounds from which the girls come and the importance of the contribution that each girl makes to her School. The key to the education that Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School offers lies in each girl’s personal growth and self-discovery, her knowledge of her strengths and talents which will be extended throughout her adult life.

Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School has a zero tolerance policy for child abuse and is committed to promoting child safety, children's wellbeing and protecting children from abuse. Ministerial Order 870 requires Ivanhoe Girls’ to implement child safety standards and to accommodate and take the needs of all children (including but not limited to, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, children with disabilities, and children who are vulnerable) into account when creating a child safe environment. All roles advertised must comply with Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School’s child safety policies and related policies and procedures (including the Code of Conduct), upholding the overarching principles and values set out, conducting themselves in accordance with the commitments to take all reasonable steps to promote the safety of children.

Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School

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