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Learning at Ivanhoe Girls’ is so much more than just what happens inside classrooms. From their early years in Junior School to their final year of Senior School, girls are encouraged to become involved in a wide range of co-curricular activities which foster their personal, social and emotional development.

Consistent with the Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School Mission Statement of preparing young women for the future, a wide range of co-curricular activities is offered as an integral part of the total curriculum for girls from Prep through to Year 12.

Complementing the pursuit of academic excellence and maximising each girl's potential, the co-curricular activities provide opportunities to experience and develop existing or new interests and to cultivate critical teamwork and leadership abilities.

Success in future studies, employment and indeed life itself flows for those who have a balanced approach to work and broader social commitments and who have developed their capacity to work effectively with others.

Teamwork, leadership, challenge, confidence building, planning, perseverance, and learning to cope with both winning and losing, are but a few of the benefits of participation in co-curricular activities.

Flowing from our Ivanhoe Girls' special focus on pastoral care and individual attention, each girl's needs and preferences are accommodated within the co-curricular selections, offering both breadth of experience as well as depth or specialisation as appropriate.

The main co-curricular strands include:

  • Sport – House and School, with over 20 different sports offered. The School belongs to Girls' Sport Victoria (GSV) and Junior School students compete in SSV more >>
  • Music – a wide range of ensembles and performance opportunities, both instrumental and choral more >>
  • Debating and Public Speaking – both as individual programs and within competitive teams more >>
  • Drama – Many diverse School productions and the AIM Drama group. Girls in both Junior and Senior School have abundant opportunities to be involved in drama and musical productions more >>
  • Cooerwull Leadership Service – established to enhance Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School’s core values of leadership and service and to provide a coherent framework for these more >>
  • Student Clubs and Groups – a wide range of special interest groups
  • Competitions – a wide range of national and state competitions
  • International Links – School organised exchanges are offered to Japan, China and France.

Ivanhoe Girls' has excellent, modern facilities to support the co-curricular program including a heated indoor pool, gymnasium, sports field and purpose built Performing Arts Centre.

Download our Co-Curricular activity flyers:

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