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Our aim as a School is to enable all our girls to achieve their personal best and to perform even more highly than might be expected. Quite often we hear about girls’ academic achievements, but equally important are the achievements made by our students who excel in the arts.

We are extremely proud of Anna Qi and Audrey Csuotros who have both been selected to perform solo, unaccompanied works in the Top Class Music program as part of the VCE Season of Excellence 2016.


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One of the key focus areas at Ivanhoe Girls’ is innovation. Helping students develop their creative skills and encouraging them to have confidence in their decision-making skills will see our girls become the entrepreneurs of the future. While this is an area we continue to review and develop in both the academic and wider co-curricular programs of the School, we currently offer our girls opportunities to learn and practice these skills in a number of environments already.


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Congratulations to the 125 girls from the Class of 2015 on their outstanding VCE results. Four girls distinguished themsleves by achieving ATAR scores over 99, while 27 students or 22% of the year gained scores over 95 and 47 or 38% gained scores over 90!

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This week marks the end of normal school days for our Year 12 girls as they commence their final examinations and begin to imagine life beyond school.


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Wishing our Future Problem Solving (FPS) teams all the best at the FPS National Finals in Brisbane.


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Congratulations are extended to Paige Bebee (Year 9) who was last night (Wednesday 26 August) announced as the winner of the University of Sydney Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize – Secondary. Paige was presented with her award at the Eureka Prizes Awards Dinner held at the Sydney Town Hall. The Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize is named in honour of Dr Karl (Kruszelnicki) and Adam Spencer. 


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On Friday 31 July, Dr Fiona Kelly addressed the Unit 3 & 4  Legal Studies class. Given the presentation topic was current and interesting, Dr Kelly amassed a much larger audience than the Unit 3 & 4 Legal Studies cohort to listen to her speak.  


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On Friday 21 August 2015 the Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School Astronomy Club along with more than 150 members of the wider School community will be joining in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record -  Most People Stargazing Across Multiple Sites in a Country (Australia). Participants will be coming together from around Australia and will be turning their gaze to the night sky at the same time as other groups at over 40 locations.


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Across the world, countries, states, cities and schools are attempting to shift the quality of learning and school leadership to better address the changing workforce and community needs in the 21st century. Schools in particular are aiming to answer the questions around: What does it look like when schools develop learning and teaching that support “learning that matters”? And what does leadership look like in schools that focus on “learning that matters”?


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Macbeth, one of Shakespeare’s most well known tragedies, takes the audience on a voyage through political intrigue, witchcraft and prophecy whilst provoking interesting questions about ambition, fate and justice. It is the tragic story of a man not absolutely or eminently good or wise, but highly renowned and prosperous, who is brought to disaster not by sheer depravity but by some error or frailty.


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