Writer in Residence Kirsty Murray

Writer in Residence Kirsty Murray

In June, Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School welcomed author Kirsty Murray as our Writer in Residence.

Kirsty Murray is a local award-winning author of books for children and young adults, including the Children of the Wind series, The Year it All Ended and The Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie.

Over two weeks, Kirsty held hands-on creative writing workshops for students in Years 7 - 9, as well as a series of lunchtime masterclasses open to all students. The workshops provided opportunities for students to be inspired, learn about different genres and practice their own writing techniques.


"Over three days a group of students gathered together at lunchtimes to participate in some writing workshops with Kirsty Murray. We did three different sessions all about learning the 'Secrets of publishing','How to enter writing competitions;' and 'Tips, tricks and techniques for getting your writing noticed'.

"It was so much fun learning how to get our work noticed and the tips that help. For example, how to come up with an original idea, and how to describe something and let your reader use their own imagination to see it. Now that I have all this help, it's time to enter some writing competitions.

"Thank you so much Kirsty, it was amazing to meet you and learn so much."

Sienna (Year 7)

Photo (left to right): Emilia (Year 7), Kirsty Murray and Sienna (Year 7)

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