Ivanhoe Girls' celebrates Failure Week

Ivanhoe Girls' celebrates Failure Week

Epic fails are not usually highlighted at school, let alone embraced, but Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School is dedicating an entire week to celebrating failure.

Every two years the School runs an entire week of surprise classroom and lunchtime activities for Prep to Year 12 students, aimed at building psychological wellness and resilience. This year’s focus is on failure; being brave, taking a risk, having a go and trying new things.

Failure Week (Monday 28 August – Friday 1 September) will include a staff and student spelling bee, a drama workshop and opportunities for students to learn a new skill, one they will not be able to master immediately. The week will culminate with a Failure Festival, where students will display their newly acquired skills, and most likely fail, in front of their supportive peers.

Also during the week, clinical psychologist and author of The Bonsai Child, Judith Locke, will speak with staff and parents about how they can help students build resilience and become more confident and capable.

The key messages for students are that failure is a crucial part of learning and that they should focus on their efforts, not only achievements or outcomes.

“Our students feel a pressure to achieve very high levels of academic performance, and they set high expectations for themselves,” said Dr Bridget McPherson, Head of Counselling at Ivanhoe Girls’. “They often worry about making mistakes, and they struggle to tolerate the uncomfortable emotions that come with failing or being imperfect.”

“Research has shown that fear of failure can lead to a range of behaviours that impede learning, including procrastination, excessive checking and difficulty making decisions.”

“Failure Week aims to give our students an understanding of the importance of failure, to encourage them to tackle their learning in a brave way, without fear of making mistakes.”

Failure Week is a key part of Ivanhoe Girls’ strong focus on pastoral care, and the belief that children are more capable of learning when they feel well.

“Fear of failure holds us back,” said Dr Heather Schnagl AM, Principal of Ivanhoe Girls’. “It is through failure that we genuinely learn. It is very important that girls embrace the opportunities available to take a risk, grow and develop.”

Photo: Ivanhoe Girls' students with Head of Counselling, Dr Bridget McPherson. Photo Credit: Justin McManus, The Age https://twitter.com/JGMpics


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