Ivanhoe Girls’ Youth Parliament bill supports parents returning to work

Ivanhoe Girls’ Youth Parliament bill supports parents returning to work

A team of six girls from Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School is taking a bill before the YMCA Youth Parliament to subsidise education and retraining for parents returning to work.

Year 11 students Alexandra, Angelica, Johanna, Niamh, Olivia and Olympia will sit in the Victorian State Parliament to debate a bill they have constructed themselves titled, "Subsidies for Parents Returning to the Workforce from Parental Leave 2017".

The Ivanhoe Girls’ students believe that it is increasingly difficult for parents to return to the workforce after an extended period of time, as they are not able to maintain the necessary skills and education a job requires while caring for a child. By enabling parents to regain the skills they need for their jobs, the bill will help more employees back into work quickly and will help support families, reduce welfare dependency and decrease child poverty.

"While our bill will not fully resolve these complex issues, we want to help those who struggle financially after taking parental leave," said Olivia from the Ivanhoe Girls' Youth Parliament Team.

The team wants to remove the stigma surrounding employees who take parental leave. Team member Johanna said, "Parents do not deserve discrimination in the workplace. We must act to even the playing field for the sake of our mums and dads."

The students are excited by the opportunity to debate a bill they are extremely passionate about. They hope it will be passed by the Youth Parliament and go on to be considered by the Victorian Government.

Ivanhoe Girls’ student Niamh said, "I've never been pushed out of my comfort zone like I have at Youth Parliament, and at the same time I've never experienced something more amazing and fulfilling."

YMCA Youth Parliament sits Monday 3 July, Tuesday 4 July and Thursday 6 July in the chambers of Parliament House.

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