Building Bridges

Building Bridges

In a Year 8 Science activity at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School investigating structures, students had to design, plan and build a bridge out of matchsticks to given specifications.

“The aim of the bridge building task was to build a strong and well thought-out structure using a limited amount of material.

“Building our somewhat ‘stable’ bridges taught our class that having a sturdy base and sides helps a bridge withstand the weight it has to carry. We also discovered that it is important to have a thick overlapping pattern at the top of the bridge, as this helps to make it stronger and allows it to hold a greater amount of weight.

“When we built our bridge we focused on the strength of the sides and how well each element was connected. The fact that we had to build the best bridge we could with such a limited amount of resources made us feel a connection with the real world, as many people have to attempt to build a sturdy structure with limited material.

“Overall, our bridge turned out to be very strong and stable. This project was a fun, educational and creative way to learn about building and designing a strong structure.”

Winona, Imogen and Caitlin (Year 8)

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