3D Wednesdays

3D Wednesdays

Every Wednesday during School terms, a group of Ivanhoe Girls’ students meets in the Library Design Lab to create objects from their imagination.

As part of 3D Wednesdays, a lunchtime club at the School, students use 3D printing technology and coding software in a safe space to design, create, prototype, test, build and program small and large projects.

Among the students’ recent creations are ‘Natasha’, an interactive mannequin, and some 3D rings for her to wear on her fingers.

'Natasha' by Emma (Year 7)

"Meet Natasha, the interactive mannequin. She has been a recent project for me during 3D Wednesdays this term. My goal was to see if I could get a mannequin to talk.

"To get as far as I have now, I used the program Makey Makey. I used conductive thread to connect to tin foil wrapped around Natasha’s fingers. I then threaded it through to the back where I set up a circuit board. The circuit board connected to a computer where it could produce sound via a programmed app. I did not get it to work on the first try when I realised that a certain material wasn't conductive, but the second time around I got it spot on.

"So far we have been able to get her to play piano notes, but our imagination is never limited! We are all very excited to now have this project out on display in the School Library."

3D printed rings by Lucy (Year 8)

"I made these rings using a 3D pen. A 3D pen is a device which warms up a hard filament of plastic which softens so you can draw with it in the air. You are able to change the speed at which the plastic filament extrudes.

"I had made a pair of glasses and some bracelets with 3D pens before and I thought I could try and make some rings.

"It took me about 20 minutes to plan what I was making and make prototypes (about four that didn’t fit anyone) and then 10 minutes to make the three final rings. I saw that Emma was making Natasha and I thought that Natasha needed some jewellery too."

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