August 2016 | Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School

August was a big month for sport in our School calendar, and one of the highlights was the Junior School Mini Olympics.

Held every four years, this year in celebration of the Rio Olympics, the Junior School Mini Olympics gives every Junior School student the chance to participate in a range of fun Olympic sports, test their skills, learn new skills, and understand what the Olympic spirit and fair play is all about.


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Congratulations to the Year 10 team from Ivanhoe Girls' who recently competed in The Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest at The University of Melbourne, School of Engineering. The aim was for the nine team members to design and build a highly complicated machine that could water a plant!


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On Thursday 11 August, nine Year 10 students from Ivanhoe Girls’ will be heading to The University of Melbourne, School of Engineering to unveil their Amazing Spaghetti Machine.

Since 2011, the annual Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest provides an innovative platform for Year 10 students across Victoria to put their knowledge and skills in Mathematics, Science, engineering, construction and problem solving to the test in the creation of a ‘Spaghetti Machine’ — an overly complex machine or device that is used to perform a relatively simple task.


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